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From the makers of the industry-leading elite sports application Vmaxpro

Get personalized workouts for every gym session

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Vmaxfit – automated workouts & rep tracking

Get perfectly tailored free weight workouts at every gym session based on your goals and past performances – right from the first session. Automatically track each repetition with your Apple Watch series 4+ and get unique insights into your strength training.

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Works with Apple Health


Our AI recommends a new workout on each training session, based on your past training performances and the level of exhaustion on certain muscle groups.


No more manual repetition counting. With the help of Apple’s Machine Learning, we can automatically count every repetition.


Data analysis methods from elite sports allow us to give you precise recommendations for repetitions, rest times and workout frequency.


Adjust your training plans based on various goals, training equipment or existing injuries.

Start your completely new training experience with Vmaxfit

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You want even more individualized workouts an insights?

Get Vmaxfit+!

  • Add muscle growth and strength as training goals
  • Focus your training on certain muscle groups
  • Customize your workouts
  • Get more workout insights
$5,49 / Month$27.49 / 6 Month(6 months at $4.59 / month - Saves 20%)Prices vary depending on the country